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Why Choose Us?

Reasons to buy with us you ask? There's plenty to go around...

PukkaMate is a family business which takes pride in customer satisfaction and work together to be the best UK seller of hoverboard swegways you can find. We have been offering smart balancing boards for some time now, and cannot get enough of them! We know that's why you're here too so be sure to take advantage of our super low prices, free delivery and absolutely amazing quality hoverboards and accessories.

More reasons! - UK stock on all items while stocks last. When other websites are offering delivery times of over 3 days, these sellers are sending your details to China and most likely using cheap parts from a bad swegway supplier with no intension of providing you with customer service and warranty.

Our hoverboards come fitted with a powerful and genuine Samsung or LG battery as standard. The PCB's (Printed Circuit Boards) we use are made by TaoTao, one of the best hoverboard PCB manufacturers available to market. Lastly, the German designed brushless drive motors are powerful yet silent and great for our environment giving off no harmful emissions.

When our goods are manufactured they are rigorously tested to meet the high UK safety trading standards. The goods are then sent to our facility where we test Hoverboards and chargers with our in-house Electrical Technician to confirm 100% safety. Again, being a family business we know how much importance the safety of your children's gadgets has on your choice of purchase and wouldn't want to associate with anything less than the best quality and safest components along with a fair price which will be almost impossible to beat.

When you purchase with us you will be entitled to a fantastic 12 month warranty on your battery pack. Any other problems you have can still be remedied by our experienced technicians who will assess the hoverboard and fix the issue for a great price. The repair service is available to anyone who has a smart balancing two wheel hoverboard purchased from us or outside of PukkaMate.co.uk - check out our Repair Service Price List for an idea of the costs involved.

For more info check out our FAQ's page or contact us by email or by phone.